Recently a local band I know were looking for some updated photos for their social media profiles and promotional work. I had a night off so volunteered my services.

I wanted to give a good selection of photos so took the 2 best lenses for the job. The location was Quay West Studios in Gosport, a small studio, low light rehearsal space. Because of the close up nature I took the wide angle 3.5f 8mm Sigma fisheye lens and for the tighter shots a 1.8f 35mm Nikon lens.


I tried to get a variety of shots but kept these main things in mind:

Some full band action shots
Some full band promo shots
Individual performance shots
Individual close ups.


The band like black and white shots so I made sure I had photos that would convert to grey scale nicely. The others I scanned through Lightroom presets to get the ball park then adjusted from there.

I sent the photos over by the next morning, had a good hall of 50 shots from the 2 hours or so I was with them. It was good to see them crop up on the members profiles and the bands social media pages also.


Drop us a line through my Facebook page if your band needs the same.

Here are the pictures:


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