Not often I enjoy every minute of a local band gig but this one was awesome! 

Hailing from Southampton/Bournemouth way this 5 piece are every bit of hair metal cliche rolled into one fantastic band. Hair Metal/Cock Rock/Sleaze Rock what ever you want to call it died a death back in the very early 90s thanks to Kurt and Co. There has been a few attempts at a come back but nothing really hits the spot. The Darkness has a flash-in-the-pan-success but when ever I saw them interviewed they it was hard to tell if they knew they were cliche or actually thought they were still cool.

I recently saw Skid Row in Southampton and they had much the same feel. Despite lacking their iconic front man and being about 120 years old, I still think they thought they were credible. Support that night came from Ugly Kid Joe who were not quite the same brand of hair metal but clearly were just happy that they still had a cult fan base 20yrs after their one-hit-wonder success. They stole the show for this.

Steel Panther are hitting the nail on the head currently. The know they are dated, they deliberately go out of their way to be cliche and they are outstandingly brilliant musicians. That works.

When I popped down the Wedgewood Rooms to shoot a local singer songwriter/loop pedal artist I know, I was expecting a night of acoustic guitars and mellow atmosphere and 101 Ed Sheeran styled songs. In part it was, but slammed right slap-bang in the middle of the bill was Saints of Sin.

From the moment they stepped on stage til long after they finished they had me grinning from ear to ear. They pulled out all the moves, all the riffs, all the pinch harmonics and all the hairspray cans and spandex pants any one could wish for.

I know of these guys for a while. When in Kodiak Jack we played the Joiners with a band called Mothership who’s members went on to form SoS. When I saw them then I though the guitarist was special. He looked the part, he know the part and he could play, flippin heck could he play! Most annoyingly he looked (and may well have been) about 16 at the time.

SoS ripped through their own catalogue, chucked in a few covers too and all in all stole the show for me. I think I took 100x more photos of these guys than any of the other acts put together. It was photo op after photo op when they played. Here are some of the highlights any way. Enjoy!

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