Killswitch Engage Jesse Uses My Photo


Recently I managed to grab a ticket for the sold out Killswitch Engage gig at the Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms. Not the usual size venue for this band but it was a warm up show for the Download Festival they were playing the following day.

I follow both KsE and their vocalist Jess Leach online and I had seen they posted fan shots of each gig so I thought Id try to get in on that action.

Im sure this won’t 100% guarantee you the same result but I covered a lot of bases to help it happen. Here’s what I did…

Getting the shot
First off we got there early, ensuring a good spot. The spot we stood was just left of centre and in front of where the rhythm guitarist was set up. A good spot for shots. Not too front on and an across stage shot works quite well.

I have an HTC One (M7) and I have used HTC’s for live shots before with great results. Im still not convinced that the One has the best camera for this as Ive struggled to get good shots in gig situations with it, the One S was much more reliable.

What the One does have though is a new feature called ZOE. It basically takes a few seconds video clip and lets you edit it. You can make gifs, remove objects (like a photo bombing passerby), have a complied shot (frames laid on top of each other) and the feature I used here, a frame grab.

I shot a few clips as it gave me much better image results than single clicks and I got a few usable frames.

I wanted to get in quick so that it was early enough to be able to be used. Guessing they would do the social media bits after they had come off stage, got cleaned up and back on the bus I got to work while we were on the way home.

Jess is a big Instagram-er and has over 16k followers, so that was my main focus. I found the best frame and it worked full shot and it also cropped to a sure nicely. I uploaded it, slight filtering for the instagram effect then shared. As I did this I tagged the bands account and Jess’s account in the photo, I added their instagram handles to the comment and hash tagged the band, the venue and added a few good words about the gig.

…and here is the result:


Jesse leach from Killswitch Engage use my photo on Instagram



Link to Jesse’s Photo on Instagram:

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