I make no secret of it… Butch Walker is my man-crush. Been a long time fan of his music for about 13years, each album he releases is different from the last; hair rock, punk pop, rock, country, americana, folk…he’s not one to be static.

Over these years Im pretty sure I’ve only met one other person who is a fan of his with out me being the one to introduce him to them. He is pretty obscure as an artist but I guarantee you will have heard of his work.

Only yesterday my eldest was flicking through a Spotify play list for some pop/punk rock and so many tracks had a Walkers finger prints all over it:

‘Girl All the Bad Guys Want’ by Bowling For Soup: Writing and producing credits.
Weightless’ by All Time Low: Writing Credits
‘My Own Worst Enemy’ by Lit: Lit have used Butch as a producer
‘Buddy Holly’ by Weezer: Butch as co-written and produced tracks for those guys too…

If that genre isn’t for you then Im sure you haven’t escaped P!nk, Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy or Frank Turner’s work. All of which Butch pops up as producer/writer at various points.

Still not heard of his work, how about the massive duet between 2014’s biggest selling male and female; Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swifts hit Everything Has Changed…production duties for Mr Walker right there…oh and he plays the drums, guitar, keyboards and percussion on the track.

His writing and producing are his bread and butter, his solo work is his Ben & Jerrys PhishFood binges. He doesn’t need to do it but he loves every minute of it. His live shows show that.

May be because he is still at the cult flowing level or maybe because thats how he rolls best, but when ever he does his annual UK shows he comes alone. Just him and an acoustic guitar…or piano…on banjolin…or electric guitar…or what ever he needs to get the point across. They make for great shows and a real insight into his persona. He commands the audience so well that during the gig I didn’t take any photos during the obligatory ‘First 3 Songs’ because the crowd were so quiet you could hear the buzz on the PA between sung lyrics. I did make the most of my photo-pass in the more lively sections though.

The results can be seen below: